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Jennifer Evans — the Weeklo content manager

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At home is where we all go to feel safe and secure – it’s our own personal heaven away from the stresses of daily life. But when creating such an atmosphere, there are a few key elements to be mindful of.

Details make your home comfortable

Firstly, it’s important to ensure that the home is organized in a way that makes it comfortable and inviting. This could include adding soft furnishings such as cushions and rugs or even using subtle lighting to create an intimate atmosphere. More practicalities, such as keeping surfaces clear of clutter can also help make any home look more spacious and welcoming.

Adding memories makes your living space warmer

Next, consider ways of making the home feel warmer. Adding memories like photographs or having family mementos around not only helps personalize the living space but also serves as a reminder of happy times spent with loved ones. Such reminders have been known to reduce stress levels and increase feelings of contentment – even when we are away from our homes.

Keep a balance between quiet and activity

Finally, having a good balance between quiet and activity is important for creating the perfect homely atmosphere. Airing out the home regularly by opening windows helps to keep it fresh while inviting friends and family over gives us something to look forward to – creating a sense of anticipation that only such friendships can bring.

Creating a homely atmosphere doesn’t have to be difficult – even small changes like these can make all the difference.

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